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Boracay, Philippines – A tropical island adventure!

Published On September 6, 2017 | By Matt | Further Afield

When you think of a tropical island holiday, generally it is all about relaxing. Lying on the beach to work on your tan, sipping cocktails, watching gorgeous sunsets as the coconut palms wave gently in the breeze. But not all of us are into relaxing – some of us like a bit of action, adventure, and excitement. That’s why I was excited to discover the island of Boracay in the Philippines.

How to get there

The Philippines is a fascinating country consisting of over 7,000 islands – none of them are particularly easy to get to, but Boracay is about the simplest. It takes one hour to fly from the capital Manila to Caticlan (the airport that services Boracay). From Caticlan it is a short ferry ride across to the island. You can ask your accommodation to arrange the transfers to and from Caticlan for you, but it is relatively straight forward to do it yourself on arrival.

The activities

The beach at Boracay is stunning – a long strip of white sand, and generally the ocean here is fairly calm with just a gentle swell that makes swimming enjoyable. The water is surprisingly warm, clear, and blue. There is enough wind at Boracay to make kite surfing a real option – but it’s not extreme wind so this is actually a great place to lean how to kite surf, there are a number of kite surfing schools along the beach. Scuba diving is also popular – there are some reefs and wrecks not too far off shore that are easily accessible, you will need to have your PADI certification in order to be able to take advantage of the diving opportunities.!
Take a boat trip!

One of the most popular activities is to hire one of the many small catamaran boats and take a trip around the island. You can hire boats for one hour or more and explore different parts of the island. This is a great way to do some snorkelling at some of the smaller, secluded beaches that are hard to reach without a boat. There is some great fish watching here and some small reefs that are fun to explore.!

The food

I really love Filipino cuisine – lots of pork, chicken, and seafood. My favourite was the Adobo style of cooking which uses a vinegar base and works perfectly with all sorts of meat and surprisingly with squid. The traditional Filipino breakfast is a fatty piece of Adobo cooked pork served with a side of boiled rice. It doesn’t sound very appetising but it is incredibly delicious and a great way to start the day.

The nightlife

The beach is lined with a huge selection of bars and restaurants, so every night you can wander along until you find something that takes your fancy, eating and drinking outside in the warm evening, enjoying the energy and ambience of this perfect holiday island.

So if you fancy a bit of a tropical island adventure, then Boracay should definitely be on your list – the swimming, the activities, the food, and the weather, everything that you need for your ideal adventure break.

Photo credit: roger_alcantara Creative commons

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