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Published On April 20, 2014 | By Matt | Europe

I’m so used to jumping on a plane and exploring far flung destinations that I often forget the places that are right on my doorstep.

I think this is often the case, we always look at the beauty of everywhere else, but fail to see what is right before our eyes.

This was certainly the case for me on a recent unplanned road trip day out to the English seaside town of Scarborough. Now, you’ve probably heard all about the English seaside, with the donkeys, ice cream, fish and chips, and fairground amusements, and yes, that is exactly what it is, but it’s an experience everyone should have at least once.

I hadn’t been to the seaside for years, because I’d had my head turned by glittering destinations that involved flying, so when we rocked up on an early June Sunday, I wasn’t really expecting too much. Turns out we had a blast.

The traffic was a nightmare, which isn’t unusual for the first warm Sunday of the summer. You see, the problem with the English summer is that it’s very, how shall I put it? Short lived? Yes, short lived is probably the best way to put it. When the first glimpse of sun breaks through the rather grey clouds, everyone grabs their bag, jumps in the car, and heads to the beach, which is exactly what everyone did that day – hence the horrendous traffic.

When we finally arrived we were starving, so of course we headed to the first fish and chip shop we could find. This made my dad roll his eyes upon reporting back later in the day, because anyone will tell you that finding the perfect fish and chip shop is an art form, and most people will have their favourite go-to. My dad is no different, he knows where to go, and he won’t go anywhere else; me however? No clue! I can’t complain though, they were rather yummy.

Because we are both grown adults, and not exactly skinny as supermodels, it was obviously better for the donkeys that we didn’t go near them for a donkey ride, but we sat on the sand and watched children plodding along the sand with their new four legged friends, eating ice cream and letting our arms see the sun for the first time all year.

We had a walk, well trek, up a rather steep hill to the castle and took some photos of the amazing view, we had yet another ice cream, and we paddled to our knees in the sea; we didn’t get too excited with that, it is the North Sea after all, not the Indian Ocean!

What this little unplanned day trip taught me was that there are some beautiful sights much closer to home than those reached via the airport, so I’ve made a pact with myself to explore them at least a little this summer.

photo credit: DavidFlanders Creative commons.

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