Essentials for a Camping Getaway

Published On October 13, 2014 | By Matt | Extras

The lure of the great outdoors, sleeping under the stars, and enjoying the simple things in life all form part of the wide appeal that is camping. But good planning and preparation is essential to a successful camping expedition, and this includes packing the right equipment.

Unless you prefer ‘glamping’ – luxury camping with all the creature comforts –going camping is all about getting back to basics. This doesn’t mean however that you don’t need to bring some essential equipment to make the trip a success and ensure it’s one that’s remembered for all the right reasons.

Portable Grill

It’s risky to depend totally on being able to maintain a campfire to cook your food. Hungry stomachs mean cranky campers, and in all weather you’ll be able to depend on a portable gas or charcoal grill. Barbequed marshmallows, anyone?

2. Tent/Shelter

You could sleep completely alfresco, but most would agree that when camping, some form of shelter is absolutely non-negotiable, lest you be eaten alive by mosquitoes or enjoy a nice little midnight downpour. But to save yourself the headaches of missing equipment, make sure your tent has all the necessary pegs, tarp and poles and do a ‘tent test’ to practice putting the up the tent BEFORE you land in the wilderness.

3. Sleeping Equipment

Even in summer, overnight temperatures outdoors can quickly dip so you’ll need sleeping bags, blankets, and pillows to ensure you stay warm. To spare yourself from sleeping on stones or pinecones, an inflatable mattress will serve you well, or you could even go no frills and get one of the foam or rubber sleeping mats. Ensuring a good night’s sleep for everyone is super important to make the next day as enjoyable as possible!

4. A Table and Chairs

Unless you want to become one with the dirt, you’ll need somewhere where you can eat, sit, play drinking games, and keep things off the ground. Foldable tables and camping chairs are another important element to stay comfortable when camping, and will ensure that you have somewhere to put your music speaker, play cards, and of course, bottoms.

Other Practicalities

There are several other practical items which will serve you well on a camping trip and ensure you’re prepared to live in the outdoors – whether for just a weekend or longer. These include:

Torch and batteries. Necessary for those less than exciting night-time toilet trips.
Knife, plates and kitchen equipment including water containers and a tub to wash dishes.
Sunscreen, fly spray, and mosquito repellent (preferably with at least 30% DEET.
First aid kit.
Practical clothing, including outdoor shoes, jumpers, and hat. If you are camping in an area with mosquitos then taking a long pair of pants and a long sleeved top to wear at dawn and dusk is a good idea. Amongst other sensory cues mosquitos are attracted to dark colours so wear light coloured clothes.

A little bit of preparation and the right equipment can make all the difference. Before you hit the great outdoors for your next camping getaway, don’t forget to plan for the elements and your comfort – make sure you pack these essential pieces of camping equipment.

Do you have any other items to add to this list? Have you ever forgotten to take something significant on a camping trip? Share your thoughts and stories by commenting below.

Image by Thomas Giuretis under Creative Commons license.

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