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Published On April 21, 2014 | By Nicky | Europe

My top five places I want to visit in Europe.


Europe is huge, and I’m lucky enough to live on the doorstep. I’m not bragging, but for me, in one and a half hours I can be in Paris. Not bad when you consider it takes me four hours to drive to London!


Because of this, I like to get out and explore as much of this huge continent as I can on a regular basis, however I’m not rich and money doesn’t grow on trees, so this is a sort of wish list, slowly slowly kind of process!


There are lots of places in Europe still on my wish list, and whilst I’m getting through the list at a snail pace, here’s my top five I’m eager to visit sooner rather than later.


1)     Barcelona

I am actually going to Barcelona very soon, and can’t wait! There is something about the chic, sophisticated vibe I imagine the city to have, with street performers on Las Ramblas, and a small of fresh paella in the air. Of course, it might be nothing like I imagine, but I have a vision of sipping coffee in a street café, a special scent in the air, visiting the cathedral, doing a spot of shopping of course, and heading to the football stadium, simply because it’s one of those things you have to do.


2)     St Tropez

I don?t know if I’ll ever get there, but the playground of the rich and famous is somewhere that I ache to visit. The glittering sea, the small, quaint restaurants set next to glittering casinos and huge named stores ? this is somewhere that is one of those must see places. I think it?s the Formula One grand prix that did it for me, but the place oozes class.


3)     Santorini

Italy’s premier beach resort is picture postcard famous, with the blue domed, white washed churches set high on the hill, overlooking the beautiful blue sea, is a destination that screams peace and quiet. I think this would be one of those totally get away from it all and reflect on life and the surroundings. It does sound a bit new age, but I love sitting somewhere picturesque and looking out at the scene I?m surrounded by, and I think this would be somewhere to blow the mind.


4)     Rome

No, I haven’t been yet! I know, I know, everyone has been to Rome, but I haven?t managed to get there YET. I will go, because everything about the place is totally me. I love food ? where else can you get true Italian cuisine in surroundings like this? Italian food is something else, and believe me, I?m fussy with my food, so that?s really saying something! The colloseum is somewhere I?m desperate to visit, and Vatican City ? oh come on, the place looks amazing!


5)     Venice

A city floating on water? How can you not want to visit? I have a friend who has visited Venice several times and she is totally in love with the place, which has made me want to go and see what it’s all about. I’ve heard stories about the smell, blah blah, but it looks so stunning. I’m not rich, so I doubt I’ll be getting a private gondola, but I at least want to see them. One day!

photo credit: Phil Plait creative commons

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