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If you’ve ever had the unfortunate luck to fall ill while on holiday, whether it be a minor ailment or a major one, then
you’ll know very well the horrible sinking feeling that comes into play. You’re ill, you’re away from home, it’s
no fun, and it’s actually a bit scary. Obviously major health illnesses that happen out of the blue, i.e. appendicitis
etc, we can’t do a lot about preventing, but some other illnesses we can, simply by making sure we’re in tiptop
health before we travel, and taking a few preventative measures whilst away.

Stress is one of the major issues that brings down the immune system, leaving us open to all manner of
problems. Lack of sleep, stress, and worry are probably some of the major problems most of us experience
prior to going away, whilst we’re trying to get everything in order, so it pays to cut it down as much as
possible. Being as organized as possible will help this. Checking your flight information online in the days leading up to your trip allows you see whether the flight you’re taking normally departs and arrives on time. A simple way of doing this is simply to Google the airline code and flight number.

Being topped up on sleep and not frazzled through stress will certainly give you a good foundation to build
on, but it won’t prevent everything. Like everyone, you will have heard of people getting traveller’s diarrhoea
and vomiting on their holidays. This is often borne out of drinking tap water, not washing hands, drinking
anything with ice made from tap water, or eating salads washed in the same. Most large holiday resorts will
now use ice and wash food that is from bottled water, and you should always only drink water that is bottled too.
This might be me taking things too far, but I even brush my teeth with bottled water, rather than use the tap.
Another common ailment is through drinking too much alcohol. Now, yes you’re on holiday, so of course you should
have a drink or two, but do be aware that measures overseas are often stronger and more potent than those
you are used to back home. Just be aware of it.

Another? The sun. You love it, it makes you brown, you go away just to visit it, but if you get too much, you
will end up ill. Try not to sit out in full sun during peak hours in the afternoon, wear a hat, keep slapping on
that sunscreen, and drink plenty of water and juice to stay hydrated. Drinking alcohol in the sun will also
dehydrate you more, and leave you open to sunstroke, which is never a pleasant thing to experience.

Obviously before you go away, always check whether you need any additional vaccinations for your
particular destination a month before you leave, and make sure your regular vaccinations, such as tetanus and
polio etc, are up to date. If you need malaria medication for the place you’re visiting, get this in good time
before you leave, because you may have to start taking it in the days leading up to your departure.

Holiday health is generally common sense, but when the sun is out, and you’re in a glittering new
destination, we often leave this at the departure gate. Stay aware, stay safe, and stay healthy.

Photo Credit: Creative Commons Sascha Kohlmann

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