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Published On May 12, 2015 | By Matt | Europe

When you work a full time job, with only a certain amount of holiday entitlement, it can be hard to cram in as many holidays and short breaks as you might like. Of course, if the choice was ours, we’d be away all the time, but a) money doesn’t grow on trees, and b) our boss wouldn’t like it.


Nobody particularly wants to take all their holidays in August, when everyone with a child has to go away due to school holidays, and also when it is more expensive.


So how can be maximize leave? And how can we take it at the most effective time?


1)     Plan!

I’m not suggesting you plan every break out for the forthcoming 12 months, but give it some thought well in advance, and think about where you might like to go. This will help with flight planning, because booking early will get you the cheaper prices.


2)     Take advantage of bank holidays

When the New Year rolls around, grab a new calendar and find out when the bank holidays are, and how they fall. If you can put annual leave in either side of the statutory days, then you don?t use as many holiday days out of your entitlement and you still get a full week off!


3)     Go somewhere on bank holidays, even if it’s local

Long weekends are ideal for exploring the UK, because it?s easy to just check out the weather on the day, jump in the car and go wherever the mood takes you. Don’t mooch at home and waste the extra days.


4)     Think city breaks

There are many short haul destinations that are also perfect for bank holidays, and places such as Rome, Milan, Paris, Barcelona or Berlin are fantastic ideas for a four day break. If you can plan these during the spring or autumn months, you will avoid the heat, which is difficult to deal with in a crowded city, and you will still get a decent summer tan.


5)     Head to the beach

For your annual beach holiday, look at spring again, and avoid August. I personally like to avoid July as well, because I find it far too hot to really enjoy, and I prefer to be able to walk around without sweating too much! The schools head back in early September, so the prices will drop around this time, and the resorts won’t be as busy.


6)     Play Christmas carefully

Christmas flights can be expensive, so look to book your flight a little before the main rush, and book it seriously well in advance to get a cheaper deal.


7)     Be cheeky!

If you know someone who has a holiday let, why not make use of it? If they have gaps, they’ll be happier to fill them even at a lower cost, than have it totally empty and no money coming in. If this is somewhere in the UK, even better, you can jump in the car and be there before lunch!


Getting the most out of your annual leave means more travel, more holidays, and a better experience if you can beat the August crush; it’s just a case of being clever.

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