Greening Your Travel

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1. Be conscious of waste.

Just being conscious of your impact on the environment is a great start to greening your travel. It could be as simple as taking your cloth shopping bags with you on holiday, or carrying a BPA-free plastic container with you so that when you get a takeaway you can ask them to use your container rather than utilize more plastic.

I always find that I’m astounded by how much more plastic I’m responsible for consuming when on holiday vs. at home. Everything from plastic water bottles to plastic cutlery to increased usage of plastic bags. If you just think about how to reduce your plastic use while on holiday, you will be off to a good start.

2. Go local.

Especially when the weather is nice, there are plenty of great holiday options within the UK. Whether it’s seeing theatre in London, taking a walking holiday, or spending a relaxing week at a holiday cottage in Hampshire, take the time to see your own country too. Many of the travellers I’ve met across the globe have commented on how little of their own country they’ve seen. While travel within countries like the UK or AU/NZ can be expensive, think about doing it in a way that at least doesn’t cut into your annual leave. By not using up annual leave, it’s effectively costing you less.

3. Take the train.

Trains are definitely one of the greener travel options, especially in comparison to a private car travel. If you are a pet owner then travelling by train rather than plane within your home country might save you money by giving you the option of bringing your pet/s with you, as well as giving them a change of scenery too. For example, you can take some pets on National Rail.

Not everyone loves travelling by train but it can make a lot of sense for long distance trips and/or where you’d have to pay congestion tax and parking at your destination e.g London. Some people absolutely love travelling by train. They find it a more relaxing and scenic means of transport than driving or flying and will take the opportunity to go by train even when it’s more costly than air travel.

4. Share resources.

If you’re travelling, why not allow someone to use your home while you are away as a house-sit. Being green is all about conscious non-wasteful use of resources and a home sitting empty is a waste of resources. Some popular travel bloggers houses-it virtually constantly. Joining house-sitting sites is generally free for people who have a house-sit available and there is a small fee for joining if you are just seeking a house-sit.

Staying in a house that isn’t otherwise being used is surely even greener than staying in a green designed hotel.

Other ways you can share resources are by exploring options like ride share. If you’re driving somewhere that has carpool lanes then you may even get to your destination quicker by adding another passenger, thereby allowing you to use the carpool lane (sometimes known as the diamond lane or the HOV lane). If you’re driving around somewhere like Los Angeles or the surrounding areas, this can be very advantageous. It saves time but it also saves stress when the traffic is moving faster and more smoothly.

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