How to prepare physically for a travel adventure

Published On May 26, 2016 | By Matt | Europe, Further Afield

Whilst we love to jet off and explore a new destination, our bodies often don’t. Whether its jetlag, change of water-types, food differences, extra physical activity, or the dehydrating effects of air travel, it’s important to prepare our bodies as much as possible, simply to make sure we last the course.

Gym it up

If you’re heading off to a hot country and you’re feeling less than your best, e.g. maybe you’ve put a bit of weight on recently and you’re worried that the extra pounds will make you fell hotter and sluggish, then head off to the gym in the weeks leading up to your break. Losing the extra pounds will make you feel better physically, mentally, and will help you out whilst you’re away. This also has confidence-boosting effects.


If you’re going on a physical holiday, maybe you’re going hiking or mountain climbing for example, then it’s a good idea to do a bit of preparation before you go. A good suggestion is to wear the backpack you’ll be taking with you on your trip and walk around your city or town a few times a week in the time leading up to your break. You don’t even have to be going on a hiking trip for this to work either, as even a holiday where you know you’re going to be doing a fair amount of walking or climbing stairs will take it out of you, and preparation is key.

Think foot care

Keeping on the walking theme, if you have any foot problems now, it’s always a good idea to get them sorted out before you head off. Painful feet are one of the worst things, and will no doubt spoil your holiday. If you have problems, head to the podiatrist in good time, purchase some comfortable shoes, and any other medicinal items designed to help with foot care.

Look after your skin

We all know that air travel dries out skin like nothing else on the planet, and whilst you can’t stop the process from happening, you can try and minimise the effects. Get seriously moisturised before you travel and this will help combat some of the drying effects of air con and altitude.

Stock up on sleep

A well rested start to a break means you’re building on a strong foundation. If you head away and you’re half asleep to begin with, then you’re a total sitting duck for jet lag and other immune system lowering problems. Stress and tiredness are two of the biggest issues for affecting travel plans and basically ruining your time away. Look after yourself before you go and your body will be in much better shape to stand up to the demands you’re planning on putting it through whilst you’re away.

Make sure you have all your medications

If you regularly take any kind of medication, make sure you get enough supply before you go away, and travel with them in your hand luggage, in the labelled boxes, preferably with your name on.


This is common sense, but check before you travel whether you need any particular immunizations for the place you’re heading to. Most immunizations take two weeks to kick in. If you need anti-malaria medication, so obtain this in good time, as you usually have to take it in the time leading up to your departure.

Basically, prepare wisely, look after your body, and it will look after you whilst you’re off seeking travel and adventure.

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