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Published On June 2, 2015 | By Nicky | Europe, Further Afield

We thought we’d invite a few travelling friends to tell us about the 5 best travel deals they’ve ever gotten. The aim is to help you learn about various different methods for getting travel deals.

Here’s our friend Nicky’s contribution. Take it away Nicky…..!

Finding a bargain gives me a spring in my step like nothing else. There?s something about saving money that kick-starts that feel good feeling, and it’s like you’ve achieved the impossible.

It’s not impossible, far from it, and over my travel expeditions I’ve found a good few deals that have made me smile. I’ll share a few. You might not think these are mega savings, but when you’re travelling on a budget, any saving is something to smile about.

1)     Cheap flight to Dalaman

I travel to Turkey a lot, to be specific, I travel to Marmaris in Turkey a lot, and to get there I have to fly to Dalaman Airport. In peak season, flights really do shoot up, and although flights to this part of the world are never truly high, they are elevated compared to early and late season. To get around the July prices, I decided to look at flying indirect with an agency company. The name of the company didn’t fill me with much confidence, but I did a little research first, found they were protected by the necessary agency bodies, so I went for it. By doing this, I saved myself £160 on the cost of a direct flight. Yes, it was a little bit of an extended travel process, but hey, I got to see the Istanbul skyline as I landed, and it was pretty awesome.

2)     Cheap food!

I’m fussy with what I eat, and it’s for this reason that whenever I do book a package holiday, I never ever stay all inclusive, because the last time I did, I ended up losing half a stone in weight, which I don’t think is the aim of an all inclusive holiday! I like to walk around and find different places to eat which suit me, and during my trip to Lanzarote I found small seafront restaurant that served chicken wraps, wedges and a drink for what was the Euro equivalent of £3! It tasted good, it was cheap, and it saved me masses.

3)     Risk it with the hotel

I’m not generally a risk taker in life, but when I was trying to find a hotel on a weekend long trip to Newquay, in the south of England, and found the prices to book online a little steep, I decided to wing it. I don’t know where this sudden breeze of impulsiveness came from, but I did it anyway, and travelled down without a hotel booked, intending to blag myself a last minute room once I got there. I found a B&B near Fistral Beach which had a sign showing vacancies at the window, so I went in and spoke to the couple that own it. The result? Half price room baby!

4)     Bank Holiday madness!

I was sat at work one Tuesday afternoon, with an upcoming long weekend ahead thanks to a pending Bank Holiday. The weather wasn’t so great, and I wasn’t looking forward to spending the days sat at home, looking at the rain. I don’t know why my fingers suddenly edged towards Skyscanner and I began looking at flights, but an hour later I?d booked myself a flight and bargain hotel to Marmaris, to see friends, for four days! The whole thing cost me little over £170, for flights, transfers, accommodation, and train to the airport! I could have spent that on a shopping spree in my nearest city and not even had much to show for it. I was so pleased with myself, and my tan was pretty good too! Of course everyone thought I was crazy, going to Turkey for four days, but hey, they sat at home looking at the rain, I sat on the beach!

5)     Vegas Baby!

Whilst in Las Vegas I figured it would have been rude not to go and see a show. It’s the law or something, I’m sure. I’d checked out prices before I travelled, and I didn’t really like the cost I was getting quoted, so figured I’d see how I felt about it when I was there, and how much money I had left. I was staying at the Luxor, and the Kris Angel show was advertised everywhere, and I soon found myself wanting to go. I waited until an hour before the show was due to start and called the Box Office downstairs, just figuring I’d give it a go, they worst they could say was no. Turns out they didn’t say no, and instead I got a ticket at half price! See, if you don’t ask, you don’t get!

photo credit: cristiano_betta Creative Commons.

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