• Boracay SymmetryPhoto By: Roger Alcantara
    06 2017 September

    Boracay, Philippines – A tropical island adventure!

    When you think of a tropical island holiday, generally it is all about relaxing. Lying on the beach to work on your tan, sipping cocktails, watching gorgeous sunsets as the coconut palms wave gently in...

  • sustainable travel
    26 2017 August

    21 ways to make your travel more sustainable

    Travel isn’t all about exploration, it also carries with it many responsibilities. The footprint you leave on the place you’re visiting should be either invisible, or be due to helping, not because of harming anything...

  • luxembourg
    30 2017 July

    Time to discover Luxembourg

    You might not know much about the ancient little pocket of Europe known as The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg – but it is a fascinating place. A land-locked country, it is surround by Belgium, Germany,...

  • 6047269847_dae7da31ed_z
    04 2017 June

    Minimalist Camping Gear for Backpackers

    As a backpacker, there will likely be times you want to camp, particularly if you feel your other accommodation options in an area are overpriced and not good value. However, if you’re doing a mixture...

  • 3402557962_56622cc61c_b
    19 2017 May

    Exploring Singapore

    It is easy to dismiss Singapore as “Asia-lite” – a clean and efficient city, focused on business and not really of much interest to an adventurous traveller of the world. On one hand that is...


My five best travel deals

March 30, 2015 | 0 Comments

Travelling can be an expensive exercise – even if you are consciously trying to be careful with your money and work to a budget, the costs quickly seem to add up. The flights, the accommodation, the car hire, the meals – before you know it, your credit card has taken a beating and each time...

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An adventure in Birmingham!

March 19, 2015 | 0 Comments

If we are being honest, Birmingham does not really have the best reputation as a tourist hot-spot. The second largest city in the United Kingdom, Birmingham doesn’t really have the glamour of Manchester, the gothic beauty of Edinburgh, or the Northern attitude of Leeds. However, if you scratch beneath the gritty, urban, surface of Birmingham...

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How to Land a Travel Deal

January 27, 2015 | 0 Comments

I have never been the best at bargaining. I remember on my first visit to Thailand, many years ago, the stall holders in the market would get frustrated with me when I didn’t know how to haggle with them – punching numbers in to their calculators and then passing it over so I could punch...

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Discovering Brixton

January 15, 2015 | 0 Comments

On the face of it, London seems like a huge metropolis of a city. However when you get under the skin of this place, you start to appreciate that it is more like a collection of very distinct neighbourhoods. One of the most distinct neighbourhoods is Brixton. The background In the late 1800s, Brixton was...

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