• Boracay SymmetryPhoto By: Roger Alcantara
    06 2017 September

    Boracay, Philippines – A tropical island adventure!

    When you think of a tropical island holiday, generally it is all about relaxing. Lying on the beach to work on your tan, sipping cocktails, watching gorgeous sunsets as the coconut palms wave gently in...

  • sustainable travel
    26 2017 August

    21 ways to make your travel more sustainable

    Travel isn’t all about exploration, it also carries with it many responsibilities. The footprint you leave on the place you’re visiting should be either invisible, or be due to helping, not because of harming anything...

  • luxembourg
    30 2017 July

    Time to discover Luxembourg

    You might not know much about the ancient little pocket of Europe known as The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg – but it is a fascinating place. A land-locked country, it is surround by Belgium, Germany,...

  • 6047269847_dae7da31ed_z
    04 2017 June

    Minimalist Camping Gear for Backpackers

    As a backpacker, there will likely be times you want to camp, particularly if you feel your other accommodation options in an area are overpriced and not good value. However, if you’re doing a mixture...

  • 3402557962_56622cc61c_b
    19 2017 May

    Exploring Singapore

    It is easy to dismiss Singapore as “Asia-lite” – a clean and efficient city, focused on business and not really of much interest to an adventurous traveller of the world. On one hand that is...


Surprising Antwerp

December 18, 2014 | 0 Comments

Antwerp is one of Europe’s surprising cities. A large seaport which connects to the North Sea, Antwerp is the second largest city in Belgium. As you wander the streets and get a feel for the pace of the city, there is a real sense that this would be a great city to live in. Great...

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Weekend in Cardiff

October 27, 2014 | 0 Comments

I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for Cardiff. This is the city where my mother was born, so I always have a little sense of coming home, or at least a second home, when I return to Cardiff. This has always been an industrial hub, the port for a massive coal-mining industry,...

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Whether you’re typically a land lubber, or you prefer to head out to the open seas, there’s one thing for sure – there is no better way to experience the Mediterranean than sailing along it’s coastline. If your are an experienced sailor you could charter your own boat or, if not, you could get someone...

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The capital of Western Australia is one of the most remote cities in the world and often visitors to Australia aren’t able to fit it into their itineraries. However it is well worth making the effort to get across to the West and explore all that Perth and its surrounding region offers. In this article...

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