Setting Up a Location Independent Home

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When you’re location independent, sometimes you’ll be able to find furnished accommodations but sometimes not. If you need to furnish a home, you’ll need to do it in a super minimalist way to avoid unnecessary expense. Here are some tips.

- Look for a place that at least has a refrigerator. You can probably make do without an oven. Just get a microwave, a toaster oven and an electric 2 burner hob. If you tend to only cook one pan meals and don’t need to boil pasta, you could get an electric fry pan rather than a 2 burner hob. That way you don’t have to buy an additional pot.

- Make a master list of things you really need. You’ll probably need much less than you think you do. Move in with the bare minimum of things and only then buy things that you feel like you’re missing.

- Have a little set of useful /favourite utensils that you take from place to place e.g can opener. Get the lightest weight options available for these.

- Instead of a toaster, you can just use your oven or toaster oven. Always be thinking multi use. If you have a cooler, try using it as a coffee table. Buy a bucket for doing your washing or just do washing in the bath/sink. Use guy line used for tents to rig up a washing line for drying your clothes.
y comfortable.

- Get a good airbed rather than buying a bed. Get the type that are really high up off the floor. From personal experience they are actually very comfortable. Quality sheets can be pricey in very expensive in foreign countries. It might be worth taking a set in your luggage if you like high quality cotton and not polyester.

- Get familiar with local options for buying things second hand. Search online but also ask around locally. When you’ve found a site (e.g trade me in New Zealand) I would ask any local contacts I had if that was a site they’d use if they wanted to do things like buy and sell a car, or furniture.

- One of the first tasks will probably be finding out if you can get internet service with no fixed contract, or a short contract that reflects your length of stay. This should be the first thing you find out/negotiate before you sign any type of lease. If you can only get a 1 – 2 year contract, find out if the landlord will build internet service into your lease. You could always try asking a neighbor to use their connection but if you work online you’re going to need something more reliable than that.

- Making sure you feel safe and secure should be your highest priority. Always spend more to feel safe. Make sure that the feeling of the neighborhood at night feels OK as well as during the day. Look online for local crime statistics in the area you are thinking of renting in. Find out who has keys to the house / apartment. You may want to change the locks.

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